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Hearts in Vain (2013)

Students film | Road movie Duration 21:27

Plot summary

Hearts in vain is a road movie with elements from other genres like romantic commedy and melodrama. The main characters of the film are organ smugglers and a small man who they happen to meet in a restaurant by the road. The film talks about love and fate. One moment you happen to be in a situation you have just caused to somebody else.

Jan never told Daina that he loves her, he actually treats her quite bad. Daina is disturbed by this manner but she is really keen on him. She is addicted to danger and life with Jan is never boring. Jan is on a constant crazy rollercoaster and it appeals to Daina a lot.

The couple is tired and hungry. They pass the border and start searching for a place to eat breakfast. A small restaurant near the road is open and they walk in. The place seems empty. The couple sit down and wait quite a long time but nobody comes. The situation is tensed and Jan is irritated.

Finally a waiter comes from the backroom a very smallman and the couple cannot leave the place anymore.

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