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Engagement in Kihnu island (2009)

Original title: Kihnu kosjad

Documentary Duration 58:00

Kihnu is a very small island in the east coast of the Baltic Sea. Meelis and Raili will get married soon. They decide to follow their ancestors' traditions, customs and rites and plan their wedding party accordingly. All traditional wedding-related activities and rites are accompanied by music, dancing and colourful jokes common to the islanders.

Director: Meelis Muhu

Keywords: car ride | authentic village milieu | ethnography | church service | Christmas | ice | frozen sea | fish | spinning | people of Kihnu island | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Rühm Pluss Null
Film Category Observation, Anthropological, Documentary
Text / Dialogue Estonian, FILM_LANGUAGES_KIHNU
Duration 58:00

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