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Kihnu Wedding (2009)

Original title: Kihnu pulm

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Documentary Duration 93:00

A big event is going to take place in Kihnu island - an authentic Kihnu wedding party that lasts for three days. Meelis Leas has proposed Raili Oad and they get married in July 2007. On the first day their marriage will be registered in Pärnu vital statistics office. Then the couple will be taken to the island by boat and all residents of the island will greet them at the harbour. Then the bride goes to her home with her relatives and the groom does the same with his relatives. After sharing a collective meal it is time to ...

Director: Meelis Muhu

Keywords: singing in a car | car ride | filmmakers | horse | drinking | people of Kihnu island | folklore of Kihnu island | wedding in Kihnu island | swinging | handing over a present | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Rühm Pluss Null
Film Category Documentary, Observation, Anthropological
Text / Dialogue Estonian, FILM_LANGUAGES_KIHNU
Subtitles English
Duration 93:00

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