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Ten To Ten (2012)

Original title: Kümnest kümneni

Documentary Duration 29:00

The documentary focuses on the favourite pastime of Estonians - drinking. Protagonists of the film are witty entrepreneurs who try to outtrick the laws and offer their own service of renting alcohol. Erik, an experienced entrepreneur, fights with the Consumer Protection Board in court in order to keep going on with his business. Jass and Art are Erik's artist friends who have less experience in the business world yet more experienced in the field of alcohol. Erik is an earnest vodka renter. Behind the activities of Jass and Art there is enough of sly performance and moderate provocativeness.

Director: Madis Ligema | Aleksandr Heifets

Keywords: renting alcohol | alcohol sales prohibition | professional secrets | discussion | car ride | drinking | dog | artists | singing accompanied by guitar | being drunk | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Pimik, Kuukulgur Film
Film Category Documentary
Text / Dialogue Estonian, English
Duration 29:00


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Producer Jaak Kilmi
Director Madis Ligema | Aleksandr Heifets
Screenwriter Aleksandr Heifets
Cinematographer Aleksandr Heifets
Composer Sten Sheripov
Sound Designer Tarvo Schmeimann

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