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Lili (2008)

Original title: Lili

Animation Duration 14:12

There is a mortally wounded young soldier in a crater and a bunch of hungry rats from the battlefield try to find an answer to the question "Who is Lily Marleen?", is it a memory picture of the first love of passed times or the first intercourse with a prostitute earning her regular income.
Lily is not only a distant hero from a song. Every soldier has his own Lily, would it be the first love from school, front prostitute or simply phantasm. But always, however, she is waiting for her soldier underneath the lantern by the barrack gate.....

Director: Riho Unt

Keywords: aggressiveness | trench | song | destroying | woman | waiting | pahelisus | pacifism | blind obedience | listening to the radio | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Nukufilm
Film Category Animation, Puppet
Text / Dialogue German, Estonian, English
Duration 14:12


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Producer Arvo Nuut
Director Riho Unt
Screenwriter Riho Unt
Cinematographer Ragnar Neljandi
Art Director Riho Unt | Elo Soode
Animator Märt Kivi | Marili Toome | Triin Sarapik-Kivi | Andres Tenusaar
Composer Malle Maltis
Sound Designer Horret Kuus
Editor Riho Unt


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  • in cinema: 23.10.2008, Cinema Sõprus, Tallinn, Estonia
  • on filmfestival: 18.03.2009, Lucca Animation - International Film Festival, Italy

Festivals, awards, nominations

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  • Prize, TINDIRINDIS - International Animation Film Festival (Vilnius, Lithuania), 2009, International Grand Prix
  • Participation, KROK - International Animated Film Festival (Ukraine), 2009, Grand Prix
  • Prize, Avanca Film Festival (Portugal), 2009, Best Animation Film

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