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Man with the Top Hat (2012)

Original title: Mees torukübaraga

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Documentary Duration 49:07

Man with the Top Hat

Portrait documentary about Valeri Kirss - the organizer of beauty contests, a stubborn man who restored the tradition of beauty contests and who managed to hold around ten annual beauty contests in Estonia since 1992. Filmmakers follow the enthusiastic and hyperactive man during the times he was at the peak of his glory when Estonians knew exactly who the last Miss Estonia was. The recorded materials that have been unused for more than a decade have acquired extra value for making the colourful personal story as well as a funny retrospective describing the social life in Estonia during the turn ...

Director: Riho Västrik

Keywords: journalists | vanity | enthusiasm | hobby | beauty contest | pretty young women | stubbornness | collecting | collector | eloquency | View all »

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Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Vesilind
Film Category Documentary, Portrey
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Duration 49:07


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Producer Riho Västrik
Director Riho Västrik
Screenwriter Riho Västrik
Cinematographer Ivar Toodo | Arvo Vilu | Riho Västrik
Editor Kadriann Kibus | Riho Västrik

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  • in cinema: 4.10.2012, kino Sõprus, Estonia

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