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Big House (2011)

Original title: Suur maja

Animation Duration 10:24

On one totally ordinary warm summer night the residents of a totally ordinary apartment house happen to gather in the yard. A citizen of questionable motives takes advantage of the situation and the ending of course is quite expectable.

Director: Kristjan Holm

Keywords: kokkuvarisemine | residents of apartment building | house | interpreting music | visualisation of music | unetus  | vaibakloppimine | thief | nocturnal lifestyle | night | View all »

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Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Silmviburlane
Film Category Animation, Cartoon
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Duration 10:24


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Producer Kristjan Holm
Co-producer Ülo Pikkov
Director Kristjan Holm
Screenwriter Kristjan Holm
Art Director Kristjan Holm
Animator Kristjan Holm
Sound Designer Horret Kuus
Editor Kristjan Holm

First releases

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  • on filmfestival: 11.2011, ANILOGUE International Animation Festival, Hungary
  • on filmfestival: 2012, PÖFF: Animated Dreams, Estonia

Festivals, awards, nominations

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  • Award, ANILOGUE - International Animation Film Festival (Budapest, Hungary), 2011, 3rd Prize of Audience Award (in Budapest)
  • Award, Filmfest Dresden International Short Film Festival (Germany), 2012, International Competition - The Golden Horseman Best Sound(scape) Award
  • Award, Etiuda and Anima (Krakow, Poola), 2012, Bronze Jabberwocky Award

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