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40+2 weeks (2012)

Original title: 40+2 nädalat

Documentary Duration 66:41

40+2 weeks

When people make plans, the gods laugh (juhtlause)
How to give birth? Under water or on the dry land? In the hospital or at home? Standing up or lying down? Will routine or free will ultimately come out on top?
A humorous documentary examines how contemporary women relate to childbirth and what options they have to choose between in making their decisions. The author, a main character of the film becomes pregnant for the first time. In parallel with her somewhat Borat-like adventures in the diverse world of services, packages and birth methods, the story of two very different women unfolds.

Director: Margit Lillak

Keywords: husband's support during labour | uncertainty | continuation of life | motherhood | self-observation | different ways of labour | giving birth to one's firstborn | giving birth for the first time | esoterics | hospital | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Allfilm
Film Category Documentary, Observation
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Subtitles English
Duration 66:41

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  • on television: 5.09.2012, ETV, Estonia
  • in cinema: 10.05.2012, kino Sõprus (Tallinn), Estonia

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