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What if the grass was greener (2007)

Original title: Kui seda metsa ees ei oleks...

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Documentary Duration 27:00

According to the results of the final exams, Misso Secondary School has been losing the competition among Estonian high schools for years. Tallinn French Lyceum, Secondary School No 21, Tallinn English College and other elite schools have had the leading positions. How adequate are these results after all? What do the little „straw-heads“ (so were the pupils of Misso Secondary School called in a respectable publication) think of it? What do their teachers and tutors think? The film searches for the answers through the everyday life of a province school and philosophy. Are we ready to look inside ourselves and ...

Director: Ergo Kuld

Keywords: bus trip | drawing | lake | physical education | classroom | headmaster | graduating from school | ceremony at school | ranking of schools | classes at school | View all »

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Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Revolver Film
Film Category Documentary
Text / Dialogue Estonian, English
Subtitles Estonian
Duration 27:00


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Producer Karin Reinberg
Director Ergo Kuld
Cinematographer Ergo Kuld
Sound Designer Meelis Meri
Editor Ergo Kuld | Jüri-Illimar Shestakov

First releases

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  • in cinema: 25.10.2007, kino Sõprus (Tallinn), Estonia
  • at other places: 27.10.2007, Misso kultuurimaja , Estonia
  • on television: 07.11.2007, Eesti Televisioon, Estonia

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