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Greetings from Soviet Estonia! (2007)

Original title: Tervitusi Nõukogude Eestist!

Documentary Duration 59:04


Their story begins in a similar way – they were all persecuted by the Soviet system 20 years ago and were known dissidents among the people. Now they are in this film, and that is all that they still have in common – the eternal rebel Tiit, who has already attempted to overthrow the goverment in free Estonia, Tunne, a member of the European Parliament, and Lagle, who has found herself as one of the Order of Nuns of St. Bridget. Over 15 years have passed since the fall of the Soviet Union.
Estonia is richer than even before. Nevertheless, sociologists describe an unexpected phenomenon: over half of the the formerly Soviet era people find that life was better back then. People did not work until they dropped, their neighbours did not live much better than they themselves, and people like Tunne, Tiit and Lagle were looked upon more as eccentrics… We observe these three, along with amusing archive films about how beautiful life was in the Soviet Union. We try to comprehend why they did not adapt, and whether  the cause of their suffering has now been realized.
Estonian Films / Eesti Film 2007-2008 (2008). Tallinn: Eesti Filmi Sihtasutus, p 89.

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