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3,2,1 - beautiful dive (2010)

Original title: 3,2,1 - ilus hüpe

Documentary Duration 27:00

Toomas Talts spends most of his free time in the air. He is basically the only one in Estonia who practises BASE-jumping. Practitioners of this field of sports are considered to be crazy as they jump from bridges, high-rise buildings, TV towers or cliff edges that are high enough. The jumpers have no reserve parachutes. Thus, the BASE-jumpers from different countries form a specific community where everyone takes care of each other and where group jumps are performed. Why do people risk their lives? To whom and what do they have to prove? Is it necessary after all?

Director: Mihkel Soe

Keywords: BASE-jumps | extreme sports | extreme athletes | searches for the meaning of life | putting oneself to the test | people of different nationalities | team spirit | jump off from an airplane | courage | synchronized jumps | View all »

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Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Rottfilm
Film Category Documentary, Portrait
Text / Dialogue Estonian, Finnish, English
Subtitles Estonian
Duration 27:00


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Producer Kaspar Kaljas
Director Mihkel Soe
Screenwriter Mihkel Soe
Cinematographer Mihkel Soe
Composer Rein Fuks
Editor Mihkel Soe

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  • in cinema: 18.11.2010, kino Artis, Tallinn, Estonia
  • on television: 24.11.2010, ETV, Estonia

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