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Fun For Five Females (2005)

Original title: F.F.F.F. läheb laiali

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Documentary Duration 50:00

Fun For Five Females

In the first week of February in 2005 the mailboxes of those belonging to the art world got the following message: "The most famous Estonian metal girl group F.F.F.F will quit! After their last performance held in Ireland, January 2005, group F.F.F.F. (members: Kristi Paap, Kaire Rannik, Berit Teeäär, Ketli Tiitsar and Maria Valdma) decided that there was no point of continuing the same way." The documentary portrays the artists who belonged to the group F.F.F.F (Fun for Five Females) that was active for almost ten years as well as opens up the reasons for their breakup. As it goes ...

Director: Marko Raat

Keywords: driving a car | car ride | jewellery art | jewellery artists | lifestyle | private life | aesthetics | feminism | team spirit | personal story | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Kuukulgur Film
Film Category Documentary
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Duration 50:00


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Producer Katrin Kissa
Director Marko Raat
Screenwriter Marko Raat
Cinematographer Marko Raat | Mart Taniel | Marianne Kõrver
Sound Designer Marko Raat | Roland Rand
Editor Jan-Erik Nõgisto

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