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Rat King (2012)

Feature film | Thriller Duration 93:45

With the help of his long-time virtual friend Niki, 18-year-old Juri discovers a website where a game begins. The purpose of the seemingly innocent game is to fulfill various missions in real life, but it will take the boys to the whirl of dangerous events. The borders between the virtual and real world disappear. The question is whether this is a game after all?

Director: Petri Kotwica

Keywords: graduates of upper secondary school | playing a computer game | computer game addiction | mother-son relationship | basement of a private house | upper secondary school | graduation ceremony of an upper secondary school | students of an upper secondary school | hospital | going berserk | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Making Movies (Finland), Allfilm
Color color
Sound sound
Film Category Feature film, Full lenght feature
Genre Thriller
Text / Dialogue Finnish
Subtitles Estonian, Russian, English, Swedish
Duration 93:45


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Producer Kai Nordberg | Kaarle Aho | Ivo Felt
Director Petri Kotwica
Screenwriter Petri Kotwica
Cinematographer Mika Orasmaa
Art Director Jaagup Roomet
Costume Designer Anu Lensment
Composer Lauri Porra
Sound Designer Ivo Felt | Seppo Vanhatalo
Editor Harri Ylönen


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Leading roles
Supporting roles

Outi Määnpää - Mother | Niina Koponen - Mia | Janne Virtanen - Teacher | Miika Ullakko - Luke | Maarja Jakobson - German teacher | Külliki Saldre - Head of the school | Kene Vernik - Sari

First releases

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  • in cinema: 20.01.2012, kino Cinamon, Tartu, Estonia
  • on filmfestival: 19.04.2012, Tribeca Film Festival (USA), United States
  • in cinema: 19.01.2012, kino Solaris, Tallinn, Estonia

Festivals, awards, nominations

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  • Participation, Tribeca Film Festival (USA), 2012, programmis "Cinemania"
  • Participation, Shanghai International Film Festival (China), 2012, võistusprogramm

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