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Farewell Turku (2011)

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Students film | Drama | Romance Duration 17:00

Mika is in his early twenties and plans taking the evening ferry to leave his hometown Turku behind. He is bothered by a difficult relationship with his sister who he hasn't seen after the death of his father. He is not sure whether he should forget his ex-girlfriend or to ask her back. On the supposed last day in his hometown he meets his sister, best friend and an attractive blonde before planned meeting with his ex. The day is full of surprises as Mika ponders on the edge of a decision: to stay or to go? The film's genre ...

Director: Sami Taavetti Hyvönen

Keywords: love | education | standing in a queue | doubt | quarry | school | leaving one's wife | relationship between a young man and a girl | traveling | girlfriends | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Mielikuvitusmedia (Finland), Balti Filmi- ja Meediakooli meediaosakond
Film Category Students film, Short
Genre Drama, Romance
Text / Dialogue Finnish
Subtitles English
Duration 17:00


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Producer Sami Taavetti Hyvönen
Director Sami Taavetti Hyvönen
Screenwriter Taawetti Erkinpoika
Dialogue Writer Taawetti Erkinpoika
Cinematographer Krisjanis Leitis
Art Director Iida Ryyti
Composer Richard Hall
Sound Designer Kimi Karjalainen
Content Editor Taawetti Erkinpoika
Managing Director Taawetti Erkinpoika


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Leading roles
Supporting roles

Jani Talonen - Jake | Minttu Kirsilä - Mirkku | Heli Rantala - Melodraama naine | Ashley Hirsimäki - Naine pingil | Ville Tuominen - Mees pingil | Johannes Männikkö - Terminali valvur | Sami Hyvönen - Ärimees reisil | Cuong Dang - Piletita mees

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