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The total number of opened entries is about 260. Most of the descriptions are currently available only in Estonian.

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  • "Laine" laulab laevalael
    "Laine" laulab laevalael

    1974 | Musical film, Concert | Director: Tiina Mägi

  • "Linnutaja" veskiviisid
    "Linnutaja" veskiviisid

    1981 | Musical film, Concert | Director: Georg Jegorov

  • 10 minutit Peeter Toomaga
    10 minutit Peeter Toomaga

    1982 | Musical film, Concert | Director: Dorian Supin

  • Ahvatluste tund
    Ahvatluste tund

    1970 | Musical film, Musical films, dance | Director: Elmo Lööve

  • Alo Mattiisen - Tšellosonaat
    Alo Mattiisen - Tšellosonaat

    1988 | Musical film, Concert | Director: Peeter Brambat

  • Angel’s Trumpet
    Angel’s Trumpet

    2019 | Musical film, Animation, Cartoon | Director: Martinus Klemet

    The next step in the evolution of hummingbirds just may surprise you!

  • Anne Veski
    Anne Veski

    1986 | Musical film, Concert | Director: Leo Karpin

  • Another

    2005 | Feature film, Short, Musical film, Dance, Romance | Director: René Vilbre

    Dance film about the people being in a love triangle. In order to free themselves from their personal prison, they have to understand what holds them back to be happy.

  • Arne Oidi laulud
    Arne Oidi laulud

    1974 | Musical film, Concert | Director: Elmo Lööve

  • Arvo Pärdi klaveriMuusikafilm
    Arvo Pärdi klaveriMuusikafilm

    1989 | Musical film, Concert | Director: Jaanus Nõgisto

  • Autostopp

    1965 | Musical film, Concert | Director: Astrid Lepa

  • Bolero

    1988 | Musical film, Dance | Director: Hagi Šein

  • Bumpy

    1981 | Feature film, Full lenght feature, Musical film, Musical films, dance, Fairy Tale | Director: Helle Murdmaa

    The debut feature film directed by Helle Murdmaa is based on the children's story "Bumpy" by Oskar Luts. It is a musical fairy tale about the good and the evil, represented by sister and brother, Iti and Kusti, and by the family of forest ogres. The songs written by Olav Ehala for the film have become nationally known and beloved while being chosen also to the repertoire of Estonian song festivals.

  • Colas Breugnon
    Colas Breugnon

    1974 | Musical film, TV feature, TV feature, Drama | Director: Mati-Jüri Põldre, Irene Lään

  • Dear passengers
    Dear passengers

    2022 | Feature film, Short, Musical film, Dance, Other categories, Experimental | Director: Madli Lääne

    A restless longing creeps around the city bus.

  • Don Juan in Tallinn
    Don Juan in Tallinn

    1971 | Feature film, Full lenght feature, Musical film, Comedy, Musical films, dance | Director: Arvo Kruusement

    Musical comedy directed by Arvo Kruusement is based on the play "In Sevilla or Don Juan" by Samuil Aljoschin. The classical story has been given a colourful interpretation through the pop music of 1960s and 1970s, fashion, and the architecture of the old town of Tallinn. The film includes lots of singing, dancing and fashion show. Its medieval milieu is mixed with the everyday items of the 20th century.

  • Druus ja Fatkin
    Druus ja Fatkin

    1971 | Musical film, Concert | Director: Sulev Nõmmik

  • Duett-duell

    1970 | Musical film, Concert | Director: Leo Karpin

  • Džäss - 78
    Džäss - 78

    1978 | Musical film, Concert | Director: Leo Karpin

  • Eesmärk pühendab abinõu
    Eesmärk pühendab abinõu

    1986 | Musical film | Director: Endel Nõgene

  • Eesti ballaadid
    Eesti ballaadid

    1989 | Feature film, Full lenght feature, Musical film | Director: Ülo Vilimaa

  • Eesti kalendrilaulud
    Eesti kalendrilaulud

    1973 | Musical film, Concert | Director: Mati-Jüri Põldre

  • Eesti NSV kunstimeistrite kontsert
    Eesti NSV kunstimeistrite kontsert

    1985 | Musical film, Concert, TV feature, TV feature | Director: Jüri Tallinn, Toomas Lepp

  • Elavad mustrid
    Elavad mustrid

    1970 | Musical film, Concert | Director: Andres Sööt

  • Elu, armastan sind
    Elu, armastan sind

    1965 | Musical film | Director: Leida Levald

  • Elurõõm

    1985 | Musical film, Dance | Director: Tiina Pork

  • Entel-tentel

    1970 | Musical film | Director: Tiiu Vahi

  • Erialaeksamil

    1987 | Musical film | Director: Irene Lään

  • Fantaasia C-duur
    Fantaasia C-duur

    1979 | Musical film | Director: Andres Sööt

  • Fr.Schubert Trio (Nokturn) Es-Duur
    Fr.Schubert Trio (Nokturn) Es-Duur

    1985 | Musical film, Concert | Director: Heini Drui

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