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  •  About the Hard Life of the Barn Swallow
    About the Hard Life of the Barn Swallow

    2011 | Animation, Cartoon | Director: Chintis Lundgren

  • 1895

    1995 | Animation, Cartoon | Director: Priit Pärn, Janno Põldma

    The animated cartoon “1895” is dedicated to the centennial of cinema. “1895” is a picture about the life of brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière.

  • 3 x 1
    3 x 1

    1990 | Animation, Cartoon | Director: Aarne Vasar, Heiki Ernits, Hillar Mets

  • A Bear Judges The Brides. A Mansi Story
    A Bear Judges The Brides. A Mansi Story

    2016 | Animation, Cartoon | Director: Martinus Daane Klemet

    A young Mansi man wanted to get married. A bear chosen by the old men was to assess the worth of the bride. A woman shaman, Mother of Mothers, took the first girl to the bear. It silently moved its lips: the girls was poorly behaved. The young man picked another girl who was also taken to the bear. The girl took fright and paled: she would die young. But the third girl blushed: she was of good behaviour and would live long. The bear left quietly.

  • A Blow to the Back of Societ's Head
    A Blow to the Back of Societ's Head

    2005 | Animation, Cartoon | Director: Ülo Pikkov

    Two American secret agents - Frank and Wendy - are sent to the world's hotbed of danger, known as Estonia. Their well-earned vacation in the homeland is taken away from Frank and Wendy.

  • A Demonstration Of Brilliance In Four Acts
    A Demonstration Of Brilliance In Four Acts

    2018 | Animation, Cartoon | Director: Morten Tšinakov, Lucija Mrzljak

    The people are waiting for someone special. And he arrives...

  • A Husband and a Wife. A Voitan Story
    A Husband and a Wife. A Voitan Story

    2016 | Animation, Cartoon | Director: Mait Laas

    A wife went out to cut the rye, while the husband was at home sick. The man asked if the work would soon be finished and the wife replied that it would. The husband went out to check and saw that his wife was asleep and the work had just begun. The husband cut his sleeping wife’s hair off and smeared her head with tar. The wife came home and asked the husband through the window, „Is your wife at home?“ The husband replied that she was. The wife cried, „The devil has exchanged me and I will always roam about as the devil’s wife!“

  • A Little Motorscooter
    A Little Motorscooter

    1962 | Animation, Puppet | Director: Heino Pars

    A little motoscooter falls down from the truck carring toys. After several adventures the smart motoscooter finds its way to the kindergarden where it bring a lot of joy to a lot of children.

  • A Most Exquisite Man
    A Most Exquisite Man

    2021 | Animation, Puppet | Director: Jonas Taul

    An existential answer to a Big Question about the ego of mankind and necessity of living in unity and harmony with nature.

  • A Romper
    A Romper

    1975 | Animation, Cartoon | Director: Rein Raamat

  • A Vegetated Director
    A Vegetated Director

    2007 | Animation, Cartoon | Director: Priit Tender

    One day, the General Manager discovers that he has become a plant. This does not prevent him from flying to Brussels the following morning.

  • About Love
    About Love

    2019 | Animation, Puppet | Director: Girlin Bassovskaja

    Man and Woman have been married for years. Everything is insufferably usual and suffocating routine.

  • Absolut Pärn
    Absolut Pärn

    | Animation, Cartoon, Advertising, Advertising | Director: Priit Pärn

  • Ada + Otto
    Ada + Otto

    2013 | Animation, Cartoon | Director: Ülo Pikkov

    Ada the Crow dreams of getting married.

  • Amalimbo

    2016 | Animation, Cartoon, Other types of animation | Director: Juan Pablo Libossart

    Tipuana, a five year-old girl, experiences the limbo as she tries to pass to ‘the other side’ after the recent death of her beloved father.

  • An Old Man and an Old Woman. An Erzya Story
    An Old Man and an Old Woman. An Erzya Story

    2016 | Animation, Cartoon | Director: Ülo Pikkov

    An old man and an old woman got into a tiff. The old man went fishing and did not want to go home. In response to the old woman’s prayers, the god Nishkepaz rotted the old man’s nets. He returned home, but the wife lamented, „We have nothing to eat!“ The old man replied, „We’ve got fish in the barn, let’s sell it and buy bread, salt and mead!“

  • And Plays Tricks
    And Plays Tricks

    1979 | Animation, Cartoon | Director: Priit Pärn

  • Angel’s Trumpet
    Angel’s Trumpet

    2019 | Musical film, Animation, Cartoon | Director: Martinus Klemet

    The next step in the evolution of hummingbirds just may surprise you!

  • Antennid jääs
    Antennid jääs

    1977 | Animation, Cartoon | Director: Rein Raamat

  • Ära sega autojuhti
    Ära sega autojuhti

    1981 | Animation, Cartoon | Director: Avo Paistik

  • Athomic

    1970 | Animation, Puppet | Director: Elbert Tuganov

    This is a modern fairytale about a little atom-guy Athomic, who learns to use its mighty power in behalf of people.

  • Athomic and Stouts
    Athomic and Stouts

    1970 | Animation, Puppet | Director: Elbert Tuganov

    The Stouts steal Athomic in order to use it in starting the war.

  • Autumn Elegy
    Autumn Elegy

    2007 | Animation, Cartoon | Director: Janno Põldma

    Poet Heiti Talvik reads his freshly completed poem Autumn Elegy out loud to his wife Betty Alver. This is animated fiction.

  • Babysitters

    1975 | Animation, Puppet | Director: Aarne Ahi

    This is a story about a Cat who seeks babysitter to her kittens.

  • Back to Europe
    Back to Europe

    1997 | Animation, Puppet | Director: Riho Unt

    The film “Back to Europe“ is a parody of the classic adventure film genre.

  • Balls

    1973 | Animation, Puppet | Director: Heino Pars

    The characters of this film are the balls.

  • Barbarians

    2003 | Animation, Puppet | Director: Hardi Volmer

    It is an absolutely wonderful Barbiland, made of plastic and safe.

  • Bassein

    2018 | Animation

    Will the water reach the pool on time? b

  • Bermuda

    1998 | Animation, Cartoon, Students film, Animation, Produced in foreign university | Director: Ülo Pikkov

    The animated film BERMUDA is a film about love. It tells the story of the life of a seaman with a wooden leg and a mermaid living in the midst of the sand dunes of a dried-up sea.

  • Big House
    Big House

    2011 | Animation, Cartoon | Director: Kristjan Holm

    On one totally ordinary warm summer night the residents of a totally ordinary apartment house happen to gather in the yard. A citizen of questionable motives takes advantage of the situation and the ending of course is quite expectable.

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