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  • Andy stands up
    Andy stands up

    2011 | Documentary | Director: Elen Lotman

    Stand-up comedian Andrus Valvur, an Estonian expatriate born in New York, comes to visit his fatherland in order to meet his relatives and hold a performance in Estonian for local audience for the first time.

  • Angara pärl
    Angara pärl

    1977 | Documentary, Observation | Director: Ülo Tootsen

  • ANK ’64 / 2013
    ANK ’64 / 2013

    2013 | Documentary | Director: Nora Särak

    Members of the art group ANK'64 talk about their thoughts with the backdrop of the retrospective exhibition "ANK'64. Half a Century in Art" that was held in Tallinn Art Hall in 2013.

  • Another Dimension
    Another Dimension

    2012 | Documentary, Observation | Director: Moonika Siimets

  • Anthill

    2015 | Documentary | Director: Vladimir Loginov

    Vladimir Loginov´s “Anthill” is a portrait of a giant garage located in the largest Soviet blockhouse area of Tallinn. Here 700 garage box owners form an extraordinary men’s club and vary from those who just keep their cars to those who adapt their boxes for living. The complex is a unique biosphere with the existence of private saunas, a restaurant, an animal clinic and other artifacts of life stuck in time 20 years back.

  • Anton Starkopf 1966
    Anton Starkopf 1966

    1966 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Reet Kasesalu

    Sculptor Anton Starkopf in his studio during the last year of his life.

  • Antosha

    1995 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Jüri Sillart

    Portrait film by Jüri Sillart about one of the most prominent man in Estonian Television, a talented cinematographer Anton Mutt and about his tragic life.

  • Ants Eskola
    Ants Eskola

    1968 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Mikk Mikiver, Eino Aas

    Documentary about actor Ants Eskola and the bright characters he played in 1960s.

  • Ants Eskola: To Be or Not to Be
    Ants Eskola: To Be or Not to Be

    2008 | Documentary, Portrey, Biographical | Director: Kristjan Paul Esperk-Virve

    Portrait documentary directed by Kristjan Paul Esperk-Virve about his grandfather Ants Eskola - a legendary Estonian actor of 20th century - and about his creative career.

  • Antsla. Autumn 1993
    Antsla. Autumn 1993

    1993 | Documentary | Director: Mati-Jüri Põldre

  • Anu Raud
    Anu Raud

    2002 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Mark Soosaar

  • Äraneetud linn
    Äraneetud linn

    1996 | Documentary | Director: Andres Sööt

  • Aranei

    1978 | Documentary, Nature | Director: Rein Maran

  • Areng

    1985 | Documentary | Director: Valeria Anderson

  • Ärge laske mul surra
    Ärge laske mul surra

    1980 | Documentary | Director: Peep Puks, Harri Rehe

  • Ärge tapke vihmaussi
    Ärge tapke vihmaussi

    1978 | Documentary, Problem oriented | Director: Heli Speek

  • Argipäev

    1979 | Documentary, Observation | Director: Illis Vets, Heini Drui

  • Arhitekt

    1986 | Documentary | Director: Veiko Paalma

  • Arhitekt

    | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Arko Okk

  • Ariste

    1985 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Mart Kadastik, Lembit Blauhut

  • Ariundelgeri nägemine
    Ariundelgeri nägemine

    2018 | Documentary | Director: Vahur Laiapea

  • Armastusavaldus

    1986 | Documentary | Director: Semjon Školnikov

  • Armastuse asjatundjad
    Armastuse asjatundjad

    | Documentary | Director: Eva Kübar

  • Arnold Matteus
    Arnold Matteus

    1981 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Andres Sööt

    Portrait documentary about Arnold Matteus, the legendary architect of Tartu city, directed by Andres Sööt.

  • Arnold Rüütel. Unfinished sentence
    Arnold Rüütel. Unfinished sentence

    2006 | Documentary | Director: Vahur Laiapea

    The documentary was finished before the presidential election in 2007; it opposes the speeches and interviews held by Arnold Rüütel during the Soviet era with the ones held during the period of Estonia regaining its independence.

  • Arnold, I Give You a Camera
    Arnold, I Give You a Camera

    2002 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Urmas Eero Liiv

  • Ars Longa
    Ars Longa

    2008 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Margit Lillak

    Portrait documentary about the strange world of 32-year-old performance artist Sandra Jõgeva.

  • Arst tuleb laevaga
    Arst tuleb laevaga

    1990 | Documentary | Director: Peeter Tooming

  • Art of Righteous
    Art of Righteous

    2020 | Documentary | Director: Taavi Arus

    A movie about “extras” or actors in minor background roles in movies/series/ads. The protagonists are all locally recognised hobby actors, who have accumulated loads experience from shoots - now it’s time to make their own movie.

  • Artist

    1986 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Heini Drui

    Portrait documentary by Heini Drui about Vladimir Sapozhnin, the state artist of Estonian SSR.

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