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The total number of opened entries is about 2580. Most of the descriptions are currently available only in Estonian.

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  • Ajast aega
    Ajast aega

    1966 | Documentary, Music Documentary | Director: Leida Levald, Mati-Jüri Põldre

  • Ajutised inimesed
    Ajutised inimesed

    1980 | Documentary | Director: Olav Neuland

  • Aken aja liikumisse. Viivi Luik
    Aken aja liikumisse. Viivi Luik

    1991 | Documentary | Director: Vallo Kepp

  • Aken Euroopasse
    Aken Euroopasse

    1988 | Documentary, Observation | Director: Ivar Vigla, Madis Mikko

  • Aksioom

    1984 | Documentary | Director: Raimi Tonts

  • Akvaarium

    1998 | Documentary | Director: Laine-Astrid Bils

  • Albert Üksip
    Albert Üksip

    1963 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Virve Aruoja

  • Alchemist of Coal - A Film around Jaan Kross
    Alchemist of Coal - A Film around Jaan Kross

    2004 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Peeter Simm

  • Aleksander Elleri juubelinäitus Tartus 1971
  • Aleksander Vardi
    Aleksander Vardi

    1971 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Anatoli Kutai

  • Aleksei Müürisepp. In memoriam
    Aleksei Müürisepp. In memoriam

    1970 | Documentary | Director: Ülo Tambek

    Farewell with Aleksei Müürisepp, member of the Communist Party and statesman of Estonian SSR. The documentary includes recollections about him.

  • Alevimaastikud

    1985 | Documentary, Problem oriented | Director: Indrek Kangur

  • Alive Again
    Alive Again

    2002 | Documentary, Problem oriented | Director: Olev Remsu

  • Allan, A Man at the Age of Christ
    Allan, A Man at the Age of Christ

    2014 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Arko Okk

    If the world is blind, Allan isn’t. Allan is a man in at the age of Christ. His life is colorful. He likes cinema, cars and sports.

  • Alma Mater Tartuensis (Tartu Ülikool-300)
  • Alone and Together
    Alone and Together

    2002 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Andres Sööt

  • Alone on the Swing
    Alone on the Swing

    2001 | Documentary | Director: Andres Sööt

  • Alternatiiv

    1986 | Documentary | Director: Vello Pohla

  • Alternatiiv

    1983 | Documentary | Director: Peep Puks, Peeter Simm

  • Always is always
    Always is always

    2012 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Tõnis Lepik

    The film introduces the daily activities and creative work of the last year in artist Jaan Paavle's life, including his beliefs, attitudes and contradictions with the society.

  • Alyosha

    2008 | Documentary, Problem oriented | Director: Meelis Muhu

    Meelis Muhu's documentary tells the story of the Soviet monument - the Bronze Soldier called Alyosha that was located in central Tallinn. The events around the monument culminated due to the dislocation of the monument in April 2007 and the following events called the Bronze Night when massive rioting and civil disorder took place on the streets of Tallinn.

  • Amazonia III - Vana Merekindlus
    Amazonia III - Vana Merekindlus

    2000 | Documentary | Director: Laine-Astrid Bils

  • Ambassador of Setomaa
    Ambassador of Setomaa

    2012 | Documentary, Students film | Director: Mirjam Matiisen

  • An Invitation to the Eternal City
    An Invitation to the Eternal City

    2003 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Rein Raamat

    An hour with the amazingly multifaceted Einar Laigna, who clearly and emphatically discusses life’s basic values with the viewer, at a time when ethics tend to be lost from our lives. And thus, the message that he sends to Estonians and other people who love their land is that today is more important than ever before.

  • Anagama

    2015 | Documentary | Director: Krista Jutt

  • Anastus

    1990 | Documentary | Director: Heikki Aasaru

  • And Then Came the Evening and the Morning
    And Then Came the Evening and the Morning

    1989 | Documentary, Portrey, Music Documentary | Director: Dorian Supin

    Film portrait of the composer Arvo Pärt.

  • Andesta Andrei
    Andesta Andrei

    1990 | Documentary | Director: Raivo Suviste

  • Andy stands up
    Andy stands up

    2011 | Documentary | Director: Elen Lotman

    Stand-up comedian Andrus Valvur, an Estonian expatriate born in New York, comes to visit his fatherland in order to meet his relatives and hold a performance in Estonian for local audience for the first time.

  • Angara pärl
    Angara pärl

    1977 | Documentary, Observation | Director: Ülo Tootsen

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