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  • A Man From A Fairytale
    A Man From A Fairytale

    2019 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Ruti Murusalu

    The end of one act is the beginning of another. The documentary about Toomas Edur tells us an intimate story about the most outstanding Estonian ballet artist, his searches, changes in his life and adapting to those changes.

  • A Song Of Nature
    A Song Of Nature

    2019 | Documentary, Students film | Director: Julien Kai

    A celebration of the elements of nature at the pilgrimage house of Vastseliina and the unique influence of these elements as a part of human interactions in the house.

  • A Year Full of Drama
    A Year Full of Drama

    2019 | Documentary | Director: Marta Pulk

    A young woman takes on an audacious human experiment while trying to find her place in the world and struggling with the past of her family.

  • About Love
    About Love

    2019 | Puppet, Animation | Director: Girlin Bassovskaja

    Man and Woman have been married for years. Everything is insufferably usual and suffocating routine.

  • Acts of the unaccused
    Acts of the unaccused

    2019 | Documentary, Students film | Director: Kaspar Erik Lind

    The short documentary by film student Kaspar Erik Lind is about the massacres that took place in the early 1940s on the territory of Scheel Manor in Pirita-Kose.

  • Ajakapslid

    2019 | Documentary | Director: Raimo Jõerand

  • Aleksander

    2019 | Documentary, Students film | Director: Laura Liventaal

    Laura Liventaal’s documentary is an intimate portrait of the Estonian actor Aleksander Eelmaa.

  • Amber

    2019 | Students film, Short, Drama | Director: Maria Cecilia Garcia, Martynas Norvaišas

    The story of two young women who meet in the woods in winter.

  • An Exchange
    An Exchange

    2019 | Students film, Short, Thriller, Drama, Horror | Director: Noah Ambrose

    A couple argues about leaving their vacation cabin until they discover it might be too late.

  • Angel’s Trumpet
    Angel’s Trumpet

    2019 | Musical film, Animation, Cartoon | Director: Martinus Klemet

    The next step in the evolution of hummingbirds just may surprise you!

  • Another Day
    Another Day

    2019 | Students film, Short, Musical films, dance | Director: Emeri Abel

    Emeri Abel's dance film about the routine of everyday life.

  • Attorney Monika Mägi
    Attorney Monika Mägi

    2019 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Ken Saan, Steven-Hristo Evestus

    Retired top lawyer Monika Mägi and Steven-Hristo Evestus, who is at the peak of his prosecuting career will argue.

  • Aurora

    2019 | Students film, Animation, Drama | Director: Ingrid Pucci

    A brief encounter with a golden snake leads to an explosive beginning.

  • Bad Hair
    Bad Hair

    2019 | Feature film, Short, Horror | Director: Oskar Lehemaa

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Behind the Big Top
    Behind the Big Top

    2019 | Students film, Documentary | Director: Ville Kristian Koskinen

    Circus veteran Sven is trying to maintain his way of living. Despite all the props decaying among him, his colourful partners stay on his side.

  • Bigger Than Sports
    Bigger Than Sports

    2019 | Documentary, Portrey, Sport | Director: Kerttu Soans

    Uncompromising "Crazy Coach" Arvi Aavik is creating the Estonian women's wrestling team out of a few capable girls.

  • Bird's Nest
    Bird's Nest

    2019 | Students film, Documentary | Director: Juss Saska

    Short documentary about Longchang apartment in Shanghai

  • Black and White Colours
    Black and White Colours

    2019 | Students film, Short, Drama | Director: German Golub

    The short film “Black and White Colours” by BFM film students is a psychological satire about the time when television was transitioning from black and white to colour.

  • Border Youth
    Border Youth

    2019 | Documentary | Director: Aleksandr Heifets

  • Carton Face
    Carton Face

    2019 | Students film, Short, Detective | Director: Rauno Polman

    Film student Rauno Polman's short film about the murder mystery in a village.

  • Cat has nine lives
    Cat has nine lives

    2019 | Students film, Advertising/Promotion, Comedy | Director: Kaisa Tambek

    Social campaign to Estonian Rescue Board that draws attention to the problem of incorrectly installed carbon monoxide detectors.

  • Celebration

    2019 | Documentary | Director: Vladimir Loginov

    For nearly twenty years now one small Estonian town has organised a Ukrainian-themed fair, during which a beauty contest is held. This observational film explores whether beauty can be an object of competition, and how we should understand the phenomenon of beauty contests in the modern day.

  • Charcoal

    2019 | Students film, Short, Drama | Director: Anastasiya Maksymchuk

    Young artist has to choose between her successful yet lonely life in freedom and going back to a war zone to see her father.

  • Chasing Unicorns
    Chasing Unicorns

    2019 | Feature film, Full lenght feature, Comedy, Road movie | Director: Rain Rannu

    Young startup entrepreneur Õie and a serial failure Tõnu follow their crazy ride from Estonia all the way to Silicon Valley — and back.

  • Citizen Frank
    Citizen Frank

    2019 | Students film, Documentary | Director: Ernesto Redondo Vergara

    The story and wanderings of a street musician that has found a place in the Olympus of happiness.

  • Class Reunion 3: Godfathers
    Class Reunion 3: Godfathers

    2019 | Feature film, Full lenght feature, Comedy | Director: René Vilbre

    Having unwillingly agreed to become the Godfather to his ex-wife’s newborn baby, Andres falls deep into the pool of self-pity. Luckily,he has his best friends Mart and Toomas by his side who take Andres to tantra camp to find the most beautiful woman to accompany him at the baptising.

  • Common Language
    Common Language

    2019 | Students film, Documentary | Director: Volia Chajkouskaya

    Personal film about family.

  • Cosmonaut

    2019 | Animation, Cartoon | Director: Kaspar Jancis

    A cosmonaut will always be a cosmonaut. To the very end.

  • Dance Of Death
    Dance Of Death

    2019 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Vaiko Edur

    Documentary about American cultural historian Paul Firnhaber, who has found his peace in a small town of Estonia, called Viljandi.

  • Daydreaming

    2019 | Students film, Animation | Director: Piret Lindau

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