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  • Amalimbo

    2016 | Animation, Cartoon, Other types of animation | Director: Juan Pablo Libossart

    Tipuana, a five year-old girl, experiences the limbo as she tries to pass to ‘the other side’ after the recent death of her beloved father.

  • Patarei ärkab ellu
    Patarei ärkab ellu

    2016 | Documentary | Director: Jaan Kolberg

  • The story of ...
    The story of ...

    2016 | Students film, Short | Director: Sandra Kartau

    Sandra Kartau drama about a young girl who searches her way out of a situation that she has been a long time.

  • Kul Tur
    Kul Tur

    2016 | Students film, Documentary | Director: Alexander Marcus Müller

    A swedish busdriver talks about his job as a bus driver, driving people to Tallinn so they can buy cheaper alcohol.

  • Ghost

    2016 | Students film, Documentary | Director: Worapoj In-lao

    Based on personal journey, conjunction of superstitious belief and Ecocriticism.

  • Come Back Free
    Come Back Free

    2016 | Documentary | Director: Ksenia Okhapkina

    A poetic documentary about life in a war torn Chechen village, with the cemetery as its symbolic focal point. The village lives and breathes in unison.

  • Sädemete jõed
    Sädemete jõed

    2016 | Documentary | Director: Märten Vaher

  • Eesti küla Ghanas
    Eesti küla Ghanas

    2016 | Documentary | Director: Kalle Käesel

  • Mother

    2016 | Feature film, Full lenght feature | Director: Kadri Kõusaar

    Mother is a thrilleresque story about the consequences of years of self-deception, unfulfilled dreams and lack of love.

  • The Birth of Bears. An Udmurt Story
    The Birth of Bears. An Udmurt Story

    2016 | Animation, Cartoon | Director: Mattias Mälk

    In olden times, there were no bears. An Udmurt man turned into a bear. The man would transform into a bear at night. One night his wife hid his clothes, and the man could not turn back into a human.

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