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  • Arhitekt

    2019 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Arko Okk

  • Bad Hair
    Bad Hair

    2019 | Feature film, Short, Horror | Director: Oskar Lehemaa

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Behind the Big Top
    Behind the Big Top

    2019 | Students film, Documentary | Director: Ville Koskinen

    Circus veteran Sven is trying to maintain his way of living. Despite all the props decaying among him, his colourful partners stay on his side.

  • Class Reunion 3: Godfathers
    Class Reunion 3: Godfathers

    2019 | Feature film, Full lenght feature, Comedy | Director: René Vilbre

    Having unwillingly agreed to become the Godfather to his ex-wife’s newborn baby, Andres falls deep into the pool of self-pity. Luckily,he has his best friends Mart and Toomas by his side who take Andres to tantra camp to find the most beautiful woman to accompany him at the baptising.

  • Dance Of Death
    Dance Of Death

    2019 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Vaiko Edur

    Documentary about American cultural historian Paul Firnhaber, who has found his peace in a small town of Estonia, called Viljandi.

  • Dora Who Came From Highway
    Dora Who Came From Highway

    2019 | Feature film, Full lenght feature, Horror | Director: Urmas Eero Liiv

  • Emade päev
    Emade päev

    2019 | Documentary, Portrey, Problem oriented | Director: Kristiina Davidjants

  • Funeral Diaries
    Funeral Diaries

    2019 | Documentary | Director: Marko Raat

    The daily bread of ministers of small congregations is not sermons in the church; it is constant work with the old and the dying. A holy man who has been removed from his friends and peers and suddenly transplanted into another culture is often lonely and broken himself.

  • Good Girl
    Good Girl

    2019 | Students film, Short, Drama | Director: Merja Maijanen

    Merja Maijanen's short film about domestic violence. After being awarded for being a good girl, a naive little girl learns what it really means to be one.

  • Goodbye Soviet Union
    Goodbye Soviet Union

    2019 | Feature film, Full lenght feature, Comedy | Director: Lauri Randla

    Lauri Randla’s first full length feature film - a humoristic coming of age story of Johannes and of his first 10-year kid’s love to Chechen girl. All on the turbulent background of the collapsing Soviet empire.

  • He knows what I did last summer
    He knows what I did last summer

    2019 | Students film, Short, Fantasy | Director: Viktor Marvin

    A magical tale of a simple holiday among five friends that takes an astonishing turn for the uncanny.

  • Hearth

    2019 | Students film, Documentary | Director: Rabbe Sandström

    "Hearth" is a poetic movie that uses natural elements to create a suggestive dance.

  • Inheritance

    2019 | Students film, Short, Drama | Director: Janeli Pelska

    A tale of family and a shared responsibility, which sparks conflict among relatives.

  • Jeesus näitab sulle teed kiirteele
    Jeesus näitab sulle teed kiirteele

    2019 | Feature film, Full lenght feature, Science fiction | Director: Miguel Llansó

  • Jõe valitseja
    Jõe valitseja

    2019 | Animation, Cartoon

  • Johannes Pääsukese tegelik elu
    Johannes Pääsukese tegelik elu

    2019 | Feature film, Full lenght feature, Adventure | Director: Hardi Volmer

  • Karl ja Carla (tootmises)
    Karl ja Carla (tootmises)

    2019 | Feature film, Short | Director: Andres Keil

  • Kodumaa karjed
    Kodumaa karjed

    2019 | Documentary | Director: Marta Pulk

    Who's the man waving the flag?

  • Kopli Lines. Hosted By The Last Coupletist
    Kopli Lines. Hosted By The Last Coupletist

    2019 | Feature film, Short, Documentary, Portrey, Other categories, Experimental | Director: Sten Haljak

    An experimental documentary about an Estonian couplet singer who is sent to visit an Armenian-born parapsychologist to help him cope with stress and find something positive about being the last couplet singer in his country.

  • Lagle rännakud
    Lagle rännakud

    2019 | Documentary | Director: Jaan Kolberg, Meelika Lehola

  • Laika (tootmises)
    Laika (tootmises)

    2019 | Feature film, Short | Director: Leeni Linna

  • Lasnamäe kõplajad
    Lasnamäe kõplajad

    2019 | Documentary | Director: Meelis Muhu

  • Life24

    2019 | Animation, Cartoon, Comedy, Drama, Adventure, Romance, Road movie, Fantasy | Director: Kristjan Holm

    Confirmed barchelor Einar Jernskjegg wins the lottery.

  • Linnavaimuliku päevik
    Linnavaimuliku päevik

    2019 | Documentary

  • Lotte and the Lost Dragons
    Lotte and the Lost Dragons

    2019 | Animation, Cartoon, Adventure, Family | Director: Janno Põldma, Heiki Ernits

    We all come from our childhood.

  • Man Wanted
    Man Wanted

    2019 | Animation | Director: Irida Zhonga

    The main character Stuart is not a perfect man as we all are. He can’t decide who or what dedicate his life to. Though, he has to make choices as all the temptations start surrounding him from all sides.

  • Marju Lepajõe. Päevade sõnad (tootmises)
    Marju Lepajõe. Päevade sõnad (tootmises)

    2019 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Vallo Toomla

  • Matz: Estonian Waterbird
    Matz: Estonian Waterbird

    2019 | Students film, Documentary | Director: Eliza Benina

    Short documentary about the life of a paraswimmer.

  • Mees muinasjutust
    Mees muinasjutust

    2019 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Ruti Murusalu

  • Mehed

    2019 | Feature film, Full lenght feature, Comedy | Director: Gerda Kordemets

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